Update on school bus trial

Further to our correspondence last term regarding the outcome of our bus service review, we are trialling new bus routes, pick-up and drop-off times. This trial will be in place for the remainder of 2019.

The Board of Trustees have endorsed these changes for reasons important to the school and the Board: to improve safety for all, manage capacity and get students to school and back on time. We have concerns about the bus currently having to reverse onto roads, and our bus runs are regularly delayed, which compounds to cause children to arrive late to school, and to stay much later than they should after school. We understand that the roadworks have compounded this problem, but these issues were identified prior to the start of this works, largely due to our increased roll and bus capacity.

There will still be school bus services to Leamington and to the rural area around school, and the areas the bus covers will still be the same. However, we have had to reduce the number of pick up/drop off zones.  We want to ensure you that safety is of utmost concern to us, so if a designated adult is not at a bus drop off stop, children will stay on the bus and be returned to school.

These changes will take effect from Week 4, Monday 4 November, 2019. 

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