Changes to bus routes for Level 2

Due to the increased Health and Safety requirements of Level 2, we have had to make some changes to our bus services. These changes will be in place for the next two weeks, Monday 18 May – Friday 29 May, and will be reviewed after that. There will be no additions or changes to the bus route rolls over this two week period.
Morning Service:

Afternoon Service:

  • Red Bus Route leaving school at 2.30pm
  • Blue Bus Route leaving school at approximately 3.10
  • Rural run leaving school at approximately 3.45

Please Note: Times may be subject to change, due to the increased cleaning processes between runs.  The Bus Tracker service through the website will be available for you to monitor this.
 Sadly, due to the limit of 20 students per bus run, not all students who have previously travelled on the bus will be able to during this time.  Kim will communicate personally with all families affected.

Specific requirements of Level 2 for school buses are:* Hand sanitisers will be available for each student to use as they board and exit the vehicle.* Vehicles and surfaces must be sanitised after each journey.* Seats in close proximity to the driver will be left empty. * Accurate bus records must be kept.
In order to increase the safety for our students, we have also developed seating plans for each bus route.  

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